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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Debut of 'Interesting Oddities'...

Well, I do not really know how to classify this page. You see, I surf lots on the Internet and frequently discover very interesting / amusing / captivating (depending on your own vocab) photos.

Before I had this blog, I kept all these inside my harddisk. Therefore, I would not really remember the credits or source of these photos. But I will do my best to credit and caption these photos.

Please note that 'one man's honey may be another man's bittergourd' concerning the photos posted.

Here we go!

German soldaten came in all sorts of heights!

Outtake from the Tom Cruise movie 'Valkyrie'

Modern handycam + Waffen SS reenactor = Anachronism!

Every NS man's dream! But this Kiwi was used as a
'paint' to 'blanco' British web equipment as camouflage or to render it a clean appearance.
Oh, does whitening our school BATA shoes ring a bell?

Skunky hitler toy.

Lots of battlefield dug German WW2 General Assault Badges and Drivers Badges!

A badly twisted German Black Wound Badge - Perhaps from sharpnel or a bullet.

Japanese and Indian volunteer in the German army during WW2
(Source: French website)

Ground dug Nescafe coffee can which reminds me of Kopi-Gao
(Source: Wehrmacht Award Forums)

The presumably mother bear looks angry while feeding its cub on the label.
(Source: Wehrmacht Award Forums)

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