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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Asians / Asiatics in the German Army

After years of research and assistance from friends and individuals, may I present these rare pictures of Asians (Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc) in German service.

You will never find another website with many such rare pictures that has opened a new and perhaps debatable area of research.

Special thanks to friends at Feldgrau.com, OstBattalion, Axis History Forum and other individuals for their active contribution to make this presentation possible.

Please note that I personally welcome any feedback or findings that you may have.

You may email me at alvinlee_81@yahoo.com

Please click on the desired link to access the information.

Asian soldiers in German service

Indian soldiers in German service

Turkmenistan soldiers in German service (many had both Asian and Musim facial and ethnic features) (Under construction)

Other Asiatic soldiers in German service

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