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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Japanese troops photoshoot at Punggol - 160809

Wan of Black Friday, cordially invited the group (Andreas, Bob and myself) my wife Michelle, his buddies and crew to set up a photo cum film shoot at 8am, August 16, 2009.

The venue was at Punggol Lalang field (near Coney Island) and safely hidden away from any HDB estates. We found many old household items (toilet cisterns,washing machines) and even ladies undergarments in the field!

On another note, I personally understand that many wedding couples come to this Lalang field for outdoor shoots but they and me will share the humidity and heat that awaits us.

We were in full Japanese uniform and gear and we had some makeup first to make us look 'war torn', some static shots and then moving action. The running part was indeed shack!

Fortunately, Wan prepared lots of 100 Plus and Milo for us. How the Japanese troops fought on with such heavy equipment and little water baffles me.

A pose with the wife and of course the Type 99 Arisaka rifle with monopod.

The Japanese soldiers with the captured film crew. =-p

Japanese sniper

Andreas posing with the Arisaka

Bob going through makeup with a smile.
Note original Japanese helmet used with repro cover and netting.

In full Japanese gear. Officer on left and Enlisted soldier on right.

I forgot to wash my face.

Looking stoned for the part.

Andreas having fun cocking the rifle.

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