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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When I served the nation...

When I completed my NCC days as a Second Sergeant, I never thought I would conclude my National Service as a Lieutanant in the SAF. Sometimes I wonder how I survived all those training days as an Officer Cadet and then the unit days as a Commissioned Officer.

I guess it's the spirit of WW2 Militaria collecting and willingness to explore our own SAF military culture made this possible.

Alvin's military timeline:

12 June 2002 - BMTC, Foxtrot Coy, Platoon 1, Section 4, Bed 4
End Sep 2002 - SAFTI, Officer Cadet School - 49 / 02 batch
July 2003 - 36 Singapore Combat Engineers, Manpower Officer
14 Oct 2004 - Acquired Operationally Ready Date
Mid 2005 till present - Manpower Officer in NS unit for Chemical Defence

Awards earned:

IPPT Silver award
Marksman award
Chemical Defence badge

Ranks experienced:

REC (Recruit)
PTE (Private Lee for a week)
OCT (Officer Cadet Trainee)
2LT (2nd Lieutenant - NATO code: OF-1)
LTA (Lieutenant - NATO code: OF-1)

Read more about officer rank structure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lieutenant

Weapons trained:

M203 Grenade Launcher
SAW (Ultimax 100)
Armbrust Anti-tank weapon
SAR-21 (First batch of officer cadets to be trained with)
Sig Sauer P226

Read more about the SAR-21: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOM1HKkLFN4

Me as CO's adjutant during CO Parade back in 36 SCE

Posing with the then-spanking new 5 Tonner

EOD Bombsuit display during Army Recruitment Drive at Suntec City

SAF Army Officer peak cap (Note gold chinstrap)

My fellow officers during a SAFTI event

In office with the men that made things happen - Terence on left and Hanrong on right.

With Chan Hock- A noble officer

Posing with the EOD rover

Myself as part of the sword party for a friend's wedding in 2003

I love the Arms and Explosives Search dogs - Very powerful sniffers

Kit ready for inspection!

With my folks during Family Visit Day -
I was in Sierra Wing during my SAFTI stay.

I was one of the first in my Poly class
to don on the SAF uniform during graduation day in 2002.

Just passed out from BMTC -
Had diarrohea for a full week during my blocked leave.

My mum helped to put on my jockey cap as part of the SAF tradition.

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