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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My bunker archives...

I will attempt to catalogue and archive my past (and perhaps future) WW2 purchases here, to make it easier on my failing memory =-p. Do look out for updates.

Purchased three books from Books Kinokuniya at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 010110 (NEW YEAR'S DAY 2010!!!). This outlet by far has the best selection (and priced) selection of military books from all my visits to Malaysia.

Osprey Men-at-Arms: The Chinese Army 1937-49: World War II and Civil War by Philip Jowett; Illustrated by Stephen Walsh
Ospery Elite: Japanese Paratroop Forces of World War II by Gordon Rottman, Akira Takizawa; Illustrated by Mike Chappell, A Hook.

German Headgear in World War II: Army/Luftwaffe/Kriegsmarine: A Photographic Study of German Hats and Helmets by Pat Moran, Jon Maguire.

ORIGINAL WW2 US Army chevrons. Rank of Private. Some in Khaki and some in Olive Drab shades. Counted 10 pairs in total. Received 241209.

REPRODUCTION WW2 US Colt M1911 pistol - Bob purchased this for me. This is a god send knowing that realistic looking weapons are a no-no in Singapore. Comes with some kind of battery operated target board. I am going to use this for my US Paratrooper impression instead.

REPRODUCTION WW1 German officer peak cap - Both cockades present. Looks well aged and fits my melon head perfectly Received Mid December 2009.

ORIGINAL WW2 German silver wound badge. Good example with much finish left. Marked L22. - Received Mid December 2009



ORIGINAL WW2 German Gold wound badge. Marked 30. - Received End October 2009.


Reverse - Note period pin and catch repair.

ORIGINAL WW2 German Silver wound badge. Unmarked - Received Mid October 2009



ORIGINAL WW2 German printed Oberf├╝hrer sleeve rank - Does not glow under blacklight. Received Mid October 2009.



Ok. So I couldn't wait.

First item on the list before 2009 ends...

ORIGINAL WW2 German Late war Breadbag - Web hardware with leather straps on its interior. Maker marked. Missing one D-ring. Received 291209.

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