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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day of Days...

This first post denotes H hour, D-Day for me.

Myself after a midnight filmshoot in 2008

I have always contemplated setting up my own blog but due to the closure of my Geocities 'Syonan Reflections' website, this neu blog serves as a testament of my undying passion of World War Two militaria collecting and reenacting. Yes, there are only a few of us in Singapore that engages such a subculture or hobby if you would.

This blog will serve as my group's official commmunication platform and for any overseas band of brothers (or sisters) that would like to contact us.

Also, I will use this blog to pen down many different categories of stuff (WW2 links, photos, oddities etc) but my priority is to document ALL my WW2 purchases neatly like an archive. You will get to see my expanding collection as time goes by and perhaps when I have my camera handy (and hence the blog name too!)

Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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